A sport that involves both stamina and strategy, Orienteering involves travelling over rough terrain using a map to find control markers. Map-reading skills will be introduced in a practical and progressive manner. Participants will be encouraged to use their interpersonal skills, as well as being taught technical skills to aid navigation.

Orienteering is not only a fun and interesting way to introduce map-reading skills, but an activity that can hone problem-solving abilities, decision-making and planning skills. Participants can work in pairs or small groups practicing team work and communication skills. Alternatively, participants can work individually, gaining independence and the opportunity to make decisions for themselves.

A Typical Session: Meet the instructor at the venue; here you will be issued with the appropriate clothing and equipment.  You will be coached in the skills required to use your map and find controls. There will then be a chance for everyone to practice their new skills in a controlled manner. Once everyone is happy with finding their way between controls the instructor will set the whole group off to complete a full course. If you have problems, the instructor will always be around to give you a few pointers.


What we provide:

  • All specialist equipment
  • Waterproofs


What you need to bring:

  • Warm clothes, trainers or boots
  • A complete change of clothes including shoes
  • A towel
  • A large plastic bag to put your wet clothes in would also be useful


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