Gorge / Ghyll Scrambling

Gorge (or Ghyll) Scrambling & and Canyoning are elements of the same activity, involving travelling up or down a mountain stream. Gorge Scrambling has traditionally involved climbing up a mountain stream whilst Canyoning usually refers to the descent. Ghyll is the Cumbrian word for a mountain stream. Gentler gorge ascents have some times been call gorge walks or river walks.

If you like the idea of climbing waterfalls, swimming across pools or leaping from rocks into mountain pools; then Gorge Scrambling is the activity for you. With a range of gorges to choose from, we can provide you with a session to suit your requirements, from gentle and relatively dry gorges to an ascent or descent involving jumps, roped climbs, abseils and swimming through white water.


A typical session:  Meet the instructor close to the venue; here you will be issued with the appropriate clothing and equipment. It will then usually be a short walk to the gorge. When you arrive you will be given a brief safety talk and given some tips to help you in the gorge. Once you have finished in the gorge you will head back to your start point to get changed and return the equipment.

Half day sessions last around 3-4hrs, including issuing and returning equipment.


What we provide - wet gorge in summer:

  • Long john style wetsuit (we find these are easier to climb in)
  • Wetsuit socks
  • Boots
  • A waterproof cag and a fleece


We will also provide all technical equipment dependant on the conditions, which may include: helmet, buoyancy aid, climbing harness or belt


What we provide - in winter: 

  • Wetsuit gloves
  • Hat
  • A fleece jumper


What you need to bring:

  • Swimming costume or trunks
  • T-shirt or thermal top
  • Fleece
  • Old shorts to wear outside the wetsuit
  • Clothes to change into after activity, any personal medication and a towel


Dry gorge:

  • Boots
  • Waterproof trousers and jacket plus all necessary technical and safety equipment
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